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I’m so glad you dropped by my site. If you haven’t been here before, there’s lots to explore.

I know it might seem like I’ve disappeared (things aren’t updated very often), but the truth is, I have a secret identity! I’m now writing young adult fiction under a different name. For now, I can’t share it here or I’d have to tickle you until you promised not to tell, and since that’s hard to do from a distance, mum’s the word. I hope you understand. Keep reading a lot of YA, and maybe someday you’ll come across something that reminds you of me. And if not, well, you’ll still get to read a lot of stellar books!

Still, you’re here, so why not check out the book trailers and listen to some of the music from Restoring Harmony? Use the tabs along the top for easy navigation.

On the side, I have links to some of my more popular blog posts, videos, and lots of my favourite people. For writers, there are some nonfiction articles on the craft of writing under the Nonfiction tab. And if you’d like to book me to teach a workshop or do a school visit, my offerings and fees are listed under Workshops. Oh, and for you teachers, there’s a study guide to go along with Restoring Harmony, along with an author bio and Q&A.

I’m always glad to hear from readers, other writers, friends, family…hop on over to the Contact page and drop me a line. Happy reading, everyone!


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