Signed books & book plates

As much as I’d like to accommodate you, please do not send me books for me to sign and ship back to you. Due to customs, postage, and packaging, this would be a logistical nightmare for me, so I’m leaving it to the pros at Page’s Books. Page’s is here on my island, which means you can either have a signed copy with just my name, or I can coordinate with the store to personalize it. Please call Gloria at Page’s 250-247-8931 for prices and shipping info. You will be charged in Canadian dollars, but even for people in the U.S. this is a much better option than buying books, sending them to me, and paying return shipping. And it’s easier for everyone, plus you get to support an indie bookstore.

Book plates: At this time, I am unable to offer book plates to be sent outside of Canada because of the cost (book plate, postage, & envelope equals almost exactly what I make per book which means, if you buy my book and I send you a book plate, I’ve made NOTHING on the the sale and I do need to keep money coming in to put the tofu on the table). If you live in Canada and would like a book plate, please send a Self Addressed Stamped Envelope with your request to P.O. Box 361, Gabriola BC V0R 1X0. I can only respond to requests that include the stamped envelope. Thank you for your understanding.