FORTUNE’S MAGIC FARM by Suzanne Selfors

fortune.jpgYou can definitely judge this book by its cover. Fantastic cover, fantastic book! Suzanne Selfors is consistently great, so I always consider her books a “sure thing” and of course, I wasn’t disappointed at all. I’ve raved about her YA, Saving Juliet (out in paperback soon!) already and To Catch a Mermaid is her other MG that I love.

I am very lucky in that my fabulous agent is also her agent. That’s how I found out about her books. I’m double lucky in that he sent me a copy of this book. I got it yesterday afternoon, sat down in the evening with it, read until 12:30am when I finally had to give in and go to bed. I made myself do my writing today before finishing it, and whether I’m really fast, or I just cheated and did less writing than I normally would’ve (I’m not admitting anything), I finished by 2pm and settled in to read the end.

Oh, what a beautiful, fun, wacky, silly, fabulous, colourful story. If you like her other books, you’ll like this one too. If you like Jean Ferris, you’ll love Suzanne’s style. While I wouldn’t call myself an uncreative person by any means, I am definitely envious of Suzanne’s ability to come up with such crazy and yet totally plausible stories. So get this for your favourite ten year old, but make sure you read it first!

This article was written by Joelle