7th Nov, 2009

That’s really lame!

There are two teens on the island who are special to my heart, and so when it came time to have a teen or two read Restoring Harmony and make sure that I’d gotten all my Canadianisms right, I asked them to read the manuscript. This was last June or so.

They both read it and gave me great feedback. I ended up changing one whole scene when one of them told me, “That part about the piano is really lame.” and I realized she was right! Now, it’s much better.

Anyway, I am teaching the older of these two sisters to cook and so last night she came over and we were going to make dinner. However, the second she arrived she wanted to see the ARCs. She grabbed the book, sat down at the table with tea and peach bread and began to read. After about half an hour of cooking while she sat in the kitchen chair reading, I turned to say something to her and she was gone. This is where she’d moved to…

Kelly reading 2The big blue chair. The next time I looked, she was even covered with my blankie.

When I finally had the dinner on the table, ready to eat and rang the bell, she said, “Is that bell for dinner? Does it mean come right this second or after I’ve finished this chapter?” She just called to tell me she’s done reading and there aren’t any more lame parts. Thank goodness since it’s too late to change them!


That rocks, Joelle! A true test for a writer, eh? (That’s my “Canadianism”)

Ooohhhh…I can’t wait to read it!!!

There are two sides to every story. Here is my side:

Last week I was slaving away at University, working hard on my computer when I got an email pointing me to this blog:

If that wasn’t exciting enough, she then emailed me again to tell me she had updated the post.

I arrive Friday, early, but ready to cook, ice cream in hand, and she tells me I can’t **have** an ARC, I can only **borrow** one. So I picked it up (and they are BEAUTIFUL btw) and I just wanted to see what the first page looked like. Just to see the font… afterall, I was early!

Okay, okay, I did move to the chair when I saw Miss Sophie looking so cozy, but the next thing I know, a little clicking sound is going off by my ear and I am being framed for a crime I didn’t — okay, okay, I **am** guilty. But can you blame me?

It is an amazing book. Not even one tiny part is lame!