12th Oct, 2009

Canadian Thanksgiving

GDP_072909Today is Canadian Thanksgiving, although most people had their big dinners yesterday. It’s sort of optional here which day of the three-day weekend you choose to pig-out. We chose yesterday. That way we can eat well again today by digging into the leftovers. You might be wondering what vegetarians eat on a day traditionally reserved for turkey, so I’ll tell you.

The Menu

Homemade bread

Potato-leek soup

Zucchini fritters

Wild rice pilaf

Vegetarian stuffing

Roasted vegetable & red wine gravy

Delicata squash with maple syrup

Swiss chard with garlic

Hap Joëlle’s stewed fruit (an adaptation of Nashville’s Hap Towne’s famous stewed raisins)

and for dessert

Apple Galette

I made everything from scratch, and about seventy-five percent of the ingredients were actually grown here on the island – a lot of it by us. It’s part of our 1 mile diet (our garden plot is at The Commons, about a mile away).

So what does this have to do with writing? Not much. Except that I am so grateful for living here, with my husband, and having this opportunity to write in such a beautiful place. I’m thankful every day, but especially today, for all of you, my imaginary online friends, as well as the friends I see every day. And thankful for my family and their support for my writing and just my life in general. And of course, I’m extremely grateful for my wonderful agent and fantastic editor too.

So to all of you out there, whether you celebrate the holiday or not, Happy Thanksgiving, eh?


I think this menu provides all your Vitamin A and C requirements from now until spring!

Happy Thanksgiving Joelle. Sounds like a yummy menu.

This sounds wonderful (the menu and the holiday). My in-laws are coming to town for Thanksgiving, and my father-in-law is on a special diet. I may have to ask for the recipes of a few of these items!

Happy thanksgiving day and Thanksgiving gifts

My mouth began to water as I read the list. No joke. Thank you for sharing your menu!