The End…it couldn’t come soon enough

pd.jpgI just read most of the worst book I’ve ever read. Seriously. Previously, I thought THE EVENING STAR was the worst book I ever read, and I guess it still is because at least I finished it (it took me months though). This is the worst book I almost read all of.

Quite frankly, I’m flabbergasted as to WHY a publisher would want to publish this. I won’t tell you the title, but I will say that it is a mystery series (Yes! A series! There are more! Lots more!) and that the whole idea is a poor, sad, pathetic rip-off of Diane Mott Davidson’s mysteries. And the writing was soooooo bad. I happen to know that several writers have done “food sleuth” series, so I haven’t narrowed it down so much that it’s obvious here. I mean, the chances of that writer ending up on my site are slim, but people write under pen names and so you know…maybe she writes YA and is a regular reader. I’d rather not go there.

I am posting for two reasons…one, just because it makes me feel better to rant (since I can’t get my 5 hours back) and two, because I want to know…Have you ever skipped to the end to find out whodunnit? Until today, I HAVE NEVER DONE THAT, but I was DESPERATE, I TELL YOU, DESPERATE to put this book down, and how do you put down a murder mystery and not know whodunnit? So have you? Do you ever skip to the end? Come on, fess up. Do you ever read the ending of a book you’re liking, or only ones you’re hating?

This article was written by Joelle