FLIPPED by Wendelin Van Draanen

flipped.jpgAlex recommended this book to me (for once I actually remember who recommended the book) and she had me pegged. I LOVED this book. You could say I flipped over it. I actually listened to it on audio, which added a bit to it, I think because there are two points of view in this book, a young boy, and a young girl, and the producers of the audio book hired two narrators- a male and a female. I think this added a lot to the telling (although, the actor was exceptionally good and the actress slightly annoyed me, but I did get used to her). If you like audio, this is one to add to your audio list. If you don’t, then get the book.

This was an amazing book in that it seemed sort of straight forward and about the two main characters, but as it unfolds, you find out there are many, many layers to the story. At one point, one of the secondary characters does and says some things that sort of made my jaw drop. I just couldn’t believe anyone could be so…so…ignorant and arrogant. I think that was the turning point for me where I realized this book was special. Anyway, I do think you’ll like it and I’ve put another of her books on hold so I’ll let you know about that one eventually too. Yay!

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  1. This book was a really cool book to read. I enjoyed it a lot, because I could realate to some of the characters. This book was very funny!

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