Favourite Book Covers

Here are my favourite RECENT book covers. Some I’ve just put up, and some I’ve commented on. The top 5 are first and then after that it’s in a random order.

Top 5.

1. The Rose Variations


I love everything about this cover. I love the photo itself. I love the placement and font of the text. I love the splash of colour along the bottom. I love what the photo evokes and I love that it has a bit of wackiness to it. It’s a perfect cover in my eyes.

2.  Just One Wish


  I’m apparently very fond of blue because there are several other books further down on the list that have this colour too.

3.  The Musician’s Daughter


4. That Was Then, This Is Now


5. That Summer


The only thing I don’t like so much about this cover is the author’s name at the top. I prefer it at the bottom. I like pretty much all of Sarah Dessen’s covers despite the fact that her name is at the top on all of them!

Okay, randomly (forgive me for using Amazon links instead of an indie bookstore. It was just easier – you don’t have to shop there or anything!):

Donut Days

Because I Am Furniture

If I Stay

La Petite Four (even though it cuts the top of her head off)


Ten Mile River

Take Me There

My Tiki Girl

Saving Juliet

Fortune’s Magic Farm

The King’s Rose

The Brooklyn Nine

Peace, Locomotion

You’ve Got Blackmail

The Dog Who Cried Wolf

When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit

Triple Shot Betty

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  1. Aw I loved when Hitler Stole Pink rabbit – although that wasn’t the cover mine had.

    While I usually prefer the US cover. I love the UK cover of Lock and Key by Sarah Dessen, it is so pretty.


    Sorry I don’t know how to condense links 🙂

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