EAT, PRAY, LOVE by Elizabeth Gilbert

eat.jpgI know…I know…I’m always telling you how much I love this book or that book, but OMG I LOVE THIS BOOK. And yeah, I know that I’m kind of late to the party and that everyone around the world has been loving it for a while now, but what can I say? It was time for me to read it and so I did. Actually, I listened to it on audio (twice!) and I personally think, without actually having seen the print book, that it’s much better on audio because Gilbert is a true performer. She does accents and voices and her timing is fantastic and she makes you laugh, and she might even make you cry a little too. She opens your heart. And of course, I’m sure that we would be absolutely Best Friends Forever if when we meet someday.

What got me interested in this book in the first place is this TED video, where she speaks about genius. I have watched it no less than three times and I’m listening to it again now, which is making it sort of hard toproff to proof this.

And get this, I went to her website and her sister is the fabulous YA writer, Catherine Murdock! Can you believe how much talent that one family has???? Wow! If you haven’t read Murdoch’s Dairy Queen or The Off Season, what are you waiting for? And as a sort of bonus, I realized I hadn’t checked out Murdock’s site in a while, so I went there and get this! She’s got a third book coming out in this series called FRONT AND CENTER. You can read a sample of it, but I’m waiting for the real thing. I was kind of bummed to see that her publisher is not my publisher, so there’s not much chance of an ARC and I’m going to have to wait just like everyone else…oh, well. It will be exciting when it comes out. Gives me time to read the first two again.

So there you go…now you have a whole pile of books to buy/borrow/get from the library. You can thank me later!

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