Audrey, Wait! by Robin Benway

audrey.jpgI know I haven’t posted here much, but I’ve been reading some adult fiction and also the couple of YAs I’ve tried just did not work for me. However, I am HAPPY to say that Audrey, Wait! is fantastic. I first heard about it on Meg Cabot’s blog, but my library didn’t have it and I forgot about it. Recently, Alexa mentioned it to me, and my library had purchased it, so I put it on hold. It came in last week.

On Friday afternoon, I decided to celebrate my good writing week by reading this book. I settled into the Big Blue Chair with tea and a snack and I’d read about three chapters when my wonderful writing buddy and cat, Grinder came in and sat next to me. After a while I got up to get something and when I came back, he was settling into the chair so I scooped him up and moved him onto the bed next to my napping husband. That woke my husband up and so we were chatting while he petted the cat, and then something very sad and tragic happened. If you don’t want to read that, then the gist of it is that Grinder passed away suddenly.

Anyway, with Grinder gone and taking a huge part of my heart with him, I needed a distraction like nobody’s business. And I am pleased to say that AUDREY, WAIT! did an excellent job. This book is hilarious. It’s fun and funny, full of great music, and overall just a kickass read. It reminded me of Meg Cabot humour meets Sarah Dessen reality. In other words, it is extremely entertaining with great characters, but they’re very real in that they smoke, they drink, they do drugs, they colour their hair, they banter wickedly, and they have sex. And that’s just who they are. It’s not about any of those things, but these are teens involved in the music world in LA and if you leave that stuff out, well, then…I don’t think you have much of a book. Luckily, Benway wrote it like she sees it, and it is highly entertaining. I will be going directly to her site now to find out what else I can look forward to!

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