Winners & Reviews

Congratulations to Alyssa and Sarah who are the winners of the ARC of Speed of Life! Thanks to everyone who entered.

I’m excited to share a couple of very nice reviews for Speed of Life. There’s one more good one I’ve gotten a sneak peek at, but won’t be out until next month, and hopefully a few more from the trades are imminent. In the meantime…

Kirkus says (read the whole thing here):

Crystal’s narration is emotionally gripping as she deals not only with deviating from the twins’ plan behind Amber’s back, but the possibility of achieving her goals without Amber and even Natalie in her life. Her road takes still more twists and turns when she must also confront the truth of Natalie’s conception. Crystal’s struggles with independence and identity are realistic and palpable.

Feminist readers in particular will appreciate this strong young woman who doesn’t conform to gender norms.

And from Publisher’s Weekly (read the whole thing here):

Told from Crystal’s perspective, this contemporary novel from Kelly (the author of Restoring Harmony and other books as Joëlle Anthony) is rife with internal and external conflicts as it traces a sister’s reckoning with secrets and the bonds of family. While highlighting the difficulties of being a teenage parent, Kelly shows how hard work, determination, and honesty can help make dreams come true.

Thanks for dropping by the site! And for those of you who have had a chance to read SoL, reviews on Goodreads are always helpful to the author.



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