Where in the world am I?

Well, that seems to be the question from everyone who loves me and who I love back! However, blogging just isn’t my thing anymore. I am on instagram, if you’re interested (WriterJoelle), but I don’t blame you if you’d rather just pay attention to your own life!

Two things I usually do at the start of a new year is list my favourite books here on my site from the year before, and post my three words that I’ve chosen to concentrate on (rather than resolutions). I didn’t read a lot last year, and I didn’t keep track of what I did read, so I’m giving that a miss this year, but these are my three words:




I’m going to post a bunch of pictures below from France and Italy, where I’ve been most recently. I’ve had amazing experiences, and someday, when we meet, I’ll tell you about them. For now, I’m in London and thinking about today. Happy 2020!

New hat (which I promptly lost!)

ceiling in the Irish library
Kitten-sit, London
New haircuts
Me and Alexa

Jeanne and me in Paris



Wine tasting
Abbey de Spineto
Me, Andrea and Luca
My new friends!
Alessandra, Mauro and me.

Who says vegetarian food can’t be delicious? Yum.


Bingley, Yorkshire
2020 splurge – blue velvet

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