What’s Cooking?

Today was a food day here. We went into town to do our weekly grocery shop, but none of us had to buy much because all the artists who went home last week left a bounty of interesting food items. As a group, we seem to love, coffee, cheese, spinach, and frozen peas. Someone really loves frozen peas.

I’ve been hearing about food shortages (and toilet paper wars) in the US, Canada and the UK, but here, everything at the grocery store was almost exactly like it was three weeks ago when we arrived. All the shelves are well-stocked, everyone was shopping as normal, and no one seemed worried at all about anything. The only real changes were that all the pastries that are usually in bulk are pre-bagged in twos now, and the bulk candy was covered up so you couldn’t buy it anymore. The clerks either recognize us now, or just know we’re not from around here, because they love to practice their English on us, which is very sweet. The woman who rang up my groceries said very shyly, “have a nice day.”

In the afternoon, I watched the movie Diner. I’m taking a Masterclass (online) with the comic, screenwriter, and director Judd Apatow and he mentioned the movie. It piqued my curiosity and so I rented it from iTunes. Anyway, not much food in that…mostly just talking…but it still falls into the “food” category with a name like Diner.

After my walk, I made three lasagnas. There might only be seven of us here, but we manage to tick most of the boxes… One lasagna was vegetarian, one was vegan, and one was gluten free! If I’d gone all out, there technically would’ve been one with meat, and one that was both GF and dairy-free! But we made do and pretty much scarfed them all down. We finished with a little salty licorice liquor! The challah bread is something I made on Sunday and have been enjoying quite a bit.

If you tried to leave a comment before and were unable to, it was something to do with me changing the layout of my website. It should work now. Still not sure if you can subscribe or not, but what else have you got to do except check up on me? Ha! Happy eating.


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  1. Assuming that, I really love reading your blog every evening when I come back tired from work, this evening I was smiling while reading thinking about a group of anglos with items bought in Finland cooking LASAGNE!!!! At the end when I saw the photos I was surprised…. It looks yummy

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