Walking…or slogging through the mud, really…

*I found this blog post that I started a long time ago in my drafts folder. It’s incomplete, but the photos are nice, so here it is anyway. I remember now I ran into problems getting the other photos to load so I gave up in frustration. In case you’re wondering, this is at leas part of the reason I haven’t blogged. The other part is because I am a writer, I can’t just throw something up there without editing and revising. It’s like how Victor, as a photographer, could never just take snapshots. And traveling takes a lot of energy, and so I haven’t felt like blogging. But you never know…stay tuned.


I have so many things I want to blog about, but today I’m going to talk about walking through the Yorkshire countryside and post some pictures. There is a local walking group that meets once a month, and they’d met right before I got here, so I had to wait until today to go walking with them. On my first day here, I ventured out to do a short loop through the park, but took a wrong turn and ended up going across a golf course and up into the woods. I was never lost, but eventually decided that I better turn around. I’ve been wondering where that path actually goes, and when I turned out for the walk this morning, that’s exactly where we were going! So, here are various photos, along with some commentary of things that we saw, and things I learned. Enjoy!


This was the day I went on the walk by myself. Nice and sunny!
I wasn’t ever lost, but was walking away from town, which seemed wrong.

This article was written by Joelle