Silent Sunday

Arteles – The center here has a great website where you can read all about it, but today I am featuring the blue house where I live. There are rooms for eight artists, and a week ago, we were all here…now there are three of us. While we originally had to share the bathrooms (and we all wish we still were sharing), we now each have our own. There are vacant rooms in between us, too, and no one upstairs. It’s a bit like a Ghost House (to go with our Ten Little Indian murder theme from yesterday). As each person left, we went around shutting their doors because it was too sad to see them empty…

I’ve taken some pictures starting with my room, which is really more like a suite now since the fire door separates me from the rest of the house, I have my own entrance (which I technically haven’t used, but could), and my own washroom/shower. Plus an extra room if I wanted to spread out, but there’s no reason to as my room is obviously the very best room in the house! For those of you who knew Victor, you will remember we always said we were “peas in a pod” and when I got to my room, I discovered the duvet cover has peapods on it! Since it seems unlikely I’ll have anywhere to wear my fabulous Italian shoes, I am showing them off like a piece of art (the whiskey is to console myself).


Because my website mystifies me a lot of the time, I don’t know if I’ll be able to arrange the pictures in a particular order, but the pictures are of other rooms, murals, the open studio, my desk with my cultured food projects, the lounge, our calendar of events, some cool soap sculptures Lorraine left behind, the wall where many artists have signed their names, and the kitchen.

Last night Christina and I went out for a walk around 10:00pm to see the stars and listen to the lake groan. Once we’re away from the center, it is pitch black on the road, and very few cars come along it (we do wear reflective vests) so as long as we stay near the middle of the road, we probably won’t fall in a ditch. Although, Robert and I moved out of the way of a car the other night and by the time we had the flashlight on, we realized we were on the very edge of a ten foot drop into running water (don’t worry, Mom…it was Robert’s fault and he’s gone home I’m being more careful now). Anyway, Christina and I were walking along, marveling at the sky, enveloped in the silence, when all of a sudden there was an extremely loud scrabbling of something very much alive, and also very large, either trying to get us, or get away from us! As a Person of the Night, Christina was quick with the flashlight, and in the bright stream of light, we saw three very large deer bounding away across the crunchy frozen field. Whew…it took a while for our hearts to calm down! The neighbours could probably hear us laughing for miles around.

I was wrong about the sauna fires not being built yesterday, and so I did get to go in, but by the time I found out, everyone else had gone, so I was in there all by myself (get used to it, right?). It was technically a Silent Day, but since no one was around, I decided to try out the acoustics, singing at top volume a couple of the ballads Victor used to sing. I was pretty great…I can say that because no one heard me.

Today is also a Silent Day and we all seem to be working. I did some editing today, some reading, and I made Challah bread which will go in the oven soon. I hope you’re all doing well.

This article was written by Joelle