12th Feb, 2019

Love is All You Need

They say that the “first” holidays and birthdays and anniversaries are the hardest after you lose a spouse. For us, Valentine’s Day was never a big deal because we pretty much said and showed our love fifty times a day, or more! Sometimes there’d be flowers or a treat or a card on the day, but often it would go by unmarked because we lived every day like that.

With that in mind, I thought I would share this video from the Celebration of Victor here on the island. I chose this song for our friends to sing because in the last few months of Victor’s life, he would tell anyone who would listen how when this song came out in the ’70s, he thought it was kind of trite and unimportant, but he’d come to realize it was one hundred percent true. I couldn’t agree more.

Tell someone you love them. Tell them ten times. Or a hundred. Don’t miss your chance.

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