I got nothin’

I got nothin’ to say! I want to blog for you all, but mostly I sat around in the sun today and got some vitamin D, so there’s not much to write about. Then I had a sauna with my friends, and ate scrambled eggs for dinner, and watched Unorthodox on Netflix (very good)…so…sorry? Here’s a nice picture of my lunch…


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  1. I’ve just finished to watch UNORTHODOX… Great!! I think that it’s an hymn to the liberty… Nobody must touch liberty, becouse liberty is sacred, atheistic and sacred… but we know that fundamentalism creates monsters. It’s incredibly how unorthodox doesn’t tell about a distopyc future but a real present… A present that burns so hot that Esty the “freak”, the “different one” before burning decide to escape to figure out at the end that she is only NORMAL.

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