Freelance Editing Services

Did you know I’m also a freelance editor? You can hire me to give you editorial feedback on your manuscript. I prefer to stick to the genres I’m most familiar with and enjoy reading, so if you have a manuscript that falls into any of the categories below, and are interested in getting more information about my services, please email me through the contact page. I’m about to finish up a new book of my own, and am scheduling clients for June, July, and August now.

Genres I edit: Middle Grade fiction, Contemporary YA fiction, Contemporary Romance, Women’s Fiction, Memoir, and general Fiction. As you’ll see, there’s nothing too dark here…no Horror, Thrillers, Mysteries, or Science Fiction/Fantasy. I prefer to stay away from excessive violence and bullying as well. This is not a judgement on those topics, I simply have to consider my own mental well-being and so I give those a miss. If I don’t do what you’re looking for and you would like a referral, my favourite person to recommend (for some, but not all of those genres) is the wonderful writer and editor, Eileen Cook. She’s the person I use myself!

This article was written by Joelle