A note from my mother…

imagesI meant to get a note from my mother excusing me from blog posts this week, but I forgot! And now I’m home. Perhaps she’ll leave one in the comments section. Anyway, quick update…the book tour went most excellently and I met lots of new people and connected with friends I hadn’t seen in years. The husband is currently downloading the over 300 pictures he took, and on Finally Friday, I will have a fun post about the tour with lots of picture (but not all of them, of course). In the meantime, I’m not really blogging this week. I’m pretty sure my mom would say it’s okay as she’s probably as exhausted as I am from all the stuff she did with/for me while I was in Portland.

More Friday! Have a great week.

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  1. I just wanted to give a huge thanks for the books!
    I found a fun surprise in my box this morning… totally made my day!
    Love, Hannah

  2. Great surprise to see you at Borders in Gresham! I just finished the book, and I LOVED it! Over the past 10 years I have read a lot of children’s and young adult’s fiction so I could recommend books to my ESL students. Your book is exciting, entertaining, and easy to read. I have suggested it to a couple of my former co-workers at DDHS who teach an ESL class called Senior English 2. I think it would be a great novel for them.

  3. You deserve a blog break! I’m taking one soon and I didn’t even go on tour. I look forward to Finally Friday to hear more.

    because I’m planning to take next week off, I’ll be posting your interview the week after that.

    Go get some rest!

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