52 Things I’m Grateful for on my Birthday

(in no particular order)

1. Being here in Finland.

2. My family, especially my Mum and Dad

3. All the people I’ve met while traveling!

4. Cats – ones from my past, the ones I’ve cat-sat, and future cats! 

5. Arteles Creative Center – especially Teemu’s generosity, and Ida’s cheerfulness while handling all problems with grace and warmth.

6. Canada Council for the Arts – the grant to come to Finland

7. BC Arts Council – for my project grant this year

8. Susan Yates – my fantabulous Moomin-friend who is taking care of all my things at home just because she’s a star!

9. Michael Bourret

10. Sauna!

11. A fantastic kitchen here, cultured food & people to eat and share meals with.

12. Jameson Irish Whiskey

13. Gabriola Island

14. Shoes that are works of art

15. Canada geese (they’re just geese in Canada)

16. Italy – Lo adoro e auguro a tutti li bene.

17. Daffodils and tulips.

18. The number 18

19. Peas

20. Bookstores

21. Woodstoves

22. Coffee in the morning, tea in the afternoon

23. The cat cartoons my aunt sends me.

24. The West Wing

25. Masterclass.com

26. Ballet lessons here in isolation taught by the fabulous Franziska! Very good!

27. Black and white photography

28. Great fiction

29. My students & clients

30. The internet because it lets me work and travel and stay in touch with the people I love.

31. Canada

32. Live music

33. My phone, which I never wanted in the first place, but has turned out to be pretty useful.

34. My Isolation Group Extraordinaire – Julie, Solange, Franziska & Ida

35. My Yorkshire home away from home – with love to Gabby, Tony & Mia

36. Snail mail

37. My fountain pen

38. My neighbour at home, Carol.

39. Tapping & Dr. Joe Dispenza’s teachings & meditations

40. Podcasts

41. YoQi – if you don’t know what it is, check it out!

42. Brie-actually all cheese…except maybe Camembert which stunk up my hotel room

43. The kindness of strangers – in particular, Pasquale the bookseller on Christmas Eve in Florence, Italy

44. My own pillow

45. Comfortable beds (I have one now here in Finland and I’m extremely grateful!)

46. Sharp knives

47. Trains – they’re not so great right now, but the trains in the UK, France, Italy & Finland have made travel so nice for me over the last year.

48. The gorgeous view from my room here

49. My tiny Bialetti espresso maker that goes everywhere with me

50. Essential oils

51. The fact this list could be endless….

52. Victor – I miss you, but I’m doing okay because of all the things on this list.


This article was written by Joelle

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  1. Hi my friend, just a little help for your Italian translation n16
    Italy : female noun….. So the article is LA
    auguro a tutti li bene…… We don’t use this expression…it isn’t grammatically correct…. I understand the meaning and it’s very kind of you ❤️… You can use : VI AUGURO OGNI BENE
    I hope I was helpful.
    BTW…. gorgeous big pink heart cake!!

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