Another local trick

Different areas of the UK offer their local residents a “railcard”. This card costs ten pound and it gives the resident about 1/3 off train fare in their area of the country. I was going to get one for the north of England and then realized I needed to live in the area and be a rate payer (tax payer). In the FAQ section on their website, there was this question: How else can I get a card?

Turns out, by becoming a friend of the Settle to Carlisle Historic Railway for ten pound, I would be eligible to buy the railcard for another ten pound. They’re both good for a year and now I have both! All in all, it cost me about $35, I get to support something local/historic, and I save 1/3 on all my rail travel up north (which I do a fair amount of, as that’s where my cat-sits and friends are). Plus, I feel like a local. I have to admit I was quite disappointed when I made my first trip using it and no one asked to see it!

This article was written by Joelle