Creative Writing Workshop Details

The first thing I should say about this is it’s more of a series of workshops linked by the theme of joyful writing, than a course. What I mean is each workshop generally stands on its own as opposed to building on each other intentionally. Obviously everything you learn builds on the things you know, but that’s not really the design of these workshops.

We will cover things like writing with sensory detail, building characters, ways to avoid clichés in your writing, stimulating your imagination—especially if you ever suffer from writer’s block or writer’s blank, dialogue and language, and raising the stakes in your writing.

The general format for the workshop will include me “teaching” (which means talking!), short exercises along with some longer writing that you may want to finish at home (or not), discussion, and voluntary sharing.

What you won’t find in my workshops is any critiquing. I feel like the world is critical enough and we are all putting ourselves out there and my workshops should be a relaxed atmosphere to stimulate confidence and creativity. I will give the class some tips on finding and forming critique groups because I feel like they’re invaluable to a writer, but my workshops are not a place for it. These will be fun, hopefully filled with laughs, great ideas, and things to stimulate your writing, while also giving you some new tools.

I imagine I will recommend books, both fiction and nonfiction, to demonstrate the things we do, but there won’t be any required reading. I do have a video (a Ted Talk) that I ask people to watch on their own time, and I will send everyone home with one short writing assignment on the first day, but other than that, what you do outside of class is up to you.