The Music

In September 2009, musicians Sarah Tradewell & Victor Anthony went into the studio to record the music from Restoring Harmony. I’m very excited to be able to share it with you here. Enjoy!

Hard Times

Stephen Collins Foster was the American songwriter of the mid-nineteenth century and Hard Times is among his finest contributions to the canon. It is every bit as meaningful in 2010 as it was the day it was written (in 1854).

Handsome Molly

Handsome Molly‘s origins are in the British Isles, although it’s unclear whether its heritage is Irish or Scottish. It is a standard in the folk, old-time and bluegrass repertoires and has been recorded by everyone from Norman Blake to Mick Jagger.

Peekaboo Waltz

Peekaboo Waltz, a simple but lovely waltz, is a staple in every western Canadian fiddler’s tune bag. In the States, many people know it from the playing of West Virginia’s Henry Reed via Alan Jabbour.

Brianna’s Reel

Unlike the traditional tunes featured in Restoring Harmony, the one Molly plays called Brianna’s Reel was pure fiction. At least until seventeen-year-old Canadian fiddler Sarah Tradewell turned it into a real tune, writing the music for it after reading about it in the book.

Brianna’s Reel © Sarah Tradewell 2009