21st Jun, 2010

Times Colonist review

Times Colonist review


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Most recent one I saw was April or May, but I don’t have the source or know if there’s better information Nowhere near the Winter Solstice no matter

This paper has a good rundown and schematic of the Broadly speaking, you take some of the fuel and oxygen going into the engine and burn it in a pre-burner to produce hot, high pressure gas which is then used to drive the turbine which powers the pumps for the fuel and This turbine is very powerful and allows the propellants to be pumped into the engine at very high pressures which lets the combustion chamber pressure to be much higher than most other engines well over 3x higher than the F-1 engine on the Saturn V which allows the engine to work more What makes it special compared to most American engines is that it uses staged combustion so all of the exhaust from the turbine is fed into the combustion chamber rather than being dumped overboard, and the mixture in the pre-burner is The former boosts efficiency, and the latter prevents coking that would occur from running a kerosene engine fuel-rich, but it’s very hard to cope with as a designer because hot, high pressure, oxygen-rich mixtures are incredibly reactive and metals will tend to catch fire in that

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