27th Apr, 2012

We have a winner!

Congrats to Mimi Cross, the winner of the R&R tote bag with surprise goodies! Thanks to all of you for spreading the word about the trailer. I really appreciate it (sadly, the pile of pressies won’t be as big as this picture, though)!

On GoodReads, out of 960 entries, the winner is from British Columbia! How amazing is that?

And for your reading pleasure (well, mine, mostly!), here are a few links to some new and excellent reviews!

Book Page

Emilie’s Book World

The Reclusive Bibliophile

And an interview over at The Divining Wand



Thanks Joëlle, it was my pleasure to spread the word about the trailer, it’s great, and the music makes it chilling. What a unique rendition of Amazing Grace.

Can’t wait to get further along in the book, the opening of THE RIGHT & THE REAL is a hook and a half.