Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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As is my custom whenever I have a new book out, one day during the launch week is designated a day of thanks. Just in case you don’t have a copy of the book on hand, here is my Thank You Section from the back of the book. Also, I’d like to thank Fernanda and Tara who came on board for me after this went to press…you’re both awesome publicists and I’m lucky to have you!

T H A N K – Y O U S :
Thank you to Karen Grove, my lovely editor, for her insight,
for being my sounding board, and for her all-around fabulousness.
And to Michael Bourret for making the writer-editor
match. Merci! Your faith knows no bounds.
Thanks to Papa for teaching me about cars, instilling
in me the love for the cool ones, and most importantly, for
checking this book for errors (if there are any, we need to talk
. . . just kidding, they’re all mine).
Big hugs and lots of chocolate to my early readers: Eileen
Cook, Alexa Barry, and Iain Lawrence. Thanks also to
the best cheerleaders a writer could have: Zac Brewer, Joelle
Charbonneau, Linda Anthony, Stacey Barney, and Suzanne Selfors. And to
Karilyn McEnroe for the Spanish help.
Love to K.B. and the Berthelot family for sharing something important and personal, with special thanks to Nicole.
And even though he’ll probably never see this, thanks to
Jay Leno, for first bringing this program at McPherson College
to my attention and making me want to write about it.
Also to Joshua Hubin in the automotive restoration program
for answering my admissions questions, which apparently
changes year to year!
Husbands always seem to get thanked last, but we all
know why . . . they make writing books possible, so there’s a
lot to say. Thanks, darling, for the input, the cups of tea, and
all the egg sandwiches when I was too busy to cook for real.
You’re my shining star.

This article was written by Joelle