3rd Nov, 2000

Ontario Tour Dates 2018

As I book dates, I will make changes to this schedule. If it appears to be open, it probably is, but I may have something in the works that isn’t confirmed yet, so please contact me before making definite plans. Thanks! workshops @ joelleanthony dot com

$$$ As of right now, there are still funds available for Ontario through the Writers Union’s Writers in the School program. Additional Reading Fee & Travel money will be made available for events booked for the May tour, but all of it is subject to availability.


Toronto Area* – May 2017

Thursday, 10th May – POSSIBLY AVAILABLE (I will only book this after Friday is booked)

Friday, 11th May – AVAILABLE

Saturday, 12th May – Inquire – I may be at the London Festival of Trees event.

Sunday, 13th May – AVAILABLE

Monday, 14th May – AVAILABLE

Tuesday, 15th May – FESTIVAL OF TREES

Wednesday, 16th May – FESTIVAL OF TREES

Thursday, 17th May – AVAILABLE

Friday, 18th May – POSSIBLY AVAILABLE (I will only book this after Thursday is booked)

*I am willing to go farther afield (even extending my dates). Regular travel fees will apply then (but like I said, there is some money available to help with that). If you’re not in the Toronto area, but are interested in having me come to your school, please don’t hesitate to ask. Especially in May. I’m not sure my wimpy B.C. Bones could stand Ontario for very long in Jan/Feb!

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