Meeting “Molly”

sarahtradetwo.jpg If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, or clicked the link about my book RESTORING HARMONY, you’ll know all about Sarah Tradewell and how she looks just like Molly (the main character in my book) and how I found out about her because of the magic of her fiddle playing coupled with the internet and a lot of serendipity. Two weeks ago today, my husband and I drove down to Victoria and I got to meet Sarah and her dad. Sarah is just as charming as she looks. And bright, smart, and funny too. And she really, truly does look just like my character Molly. It’s unbelievable!

She also sings, plays other instruments besides the fiddle, acts, and is playing the lead in her school production of Grease. I’m pretty sure she’s doing theatre so that when someone decides to make a movie of my book (haha….long shot, but so was getting a book deal, right?) she’ll be ready to step in and play Molly. I mean, she already is an excellent fiddle player, like Molly, which she proves right here on youtube.

This part is kind of embarrassing, but I was so excited to meet Sarah that I totally forgot to have my husband (yes…the photographer) take any photos of us! So once again, I’m using a photo that Benjamin Madison so graciously said I could use.

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  1. That’s so cool! I have a very clear picture of Alexis in my head, so if I ever met a girl who looked like her, I’d probably act like a creepy stalker. You must have behaved yourself in a non-creepy manner for her parents to agree to a meet-up. 😉

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