18th Feb, 2013

Judi Dench, I’m not…but for books…I’ll try anything!

As I point out in the video below, I am a trained actress with very little Shakespeare training, which just makes me dangerous. But oh, that language! So when Andrew Karre at Carolrhoda Lab offered up a chance to win free books by simply making a video of yourself reading something from Hamlet, I couldn’t resist. There’s still lots of time to enter, so make your own video!

I just hope our local thespian, Antony Holland, doesn’t see this. He’s already pretty much told me to stick to comedy, and he never misses a chance to rib me. As you can see from his picture below, he’s earned the right, not only by his tremendous acting chops, but just by sheer age (he’ll be 93 next month and he’s out on tour with his one-man Shakespeare show that he put together himself). He still gets the young, hot chicks with all that Shakespeare talk, too.

Antony Holland copyright Victor Anthony 2010



Joelle, you’re fabulous! I love the video! And I love the photo of Antony Holland. He looks like quite a charismatic man!