26th Mar, 2012

I’m on the CBC!

Earlier this week, I was on the CBC. I am one of two authors participating in Literary Smackdown! Here’s the press release:

Joëlle Anthony will be a guest on Shelagh Rogers’ show The Next Chapter on March 26th. She will face off with author Rabindranath Maharaj for a segment of Literary Smackdown. In what Rogers deems “the most civilized smackdown ever,” Maharaj takes the side of writing in cafés, while Anthony argues creativity requires solitude.

However, you can listen to it right now, if you want!

And this link will take you to my written essay that I did for Canada Writes as part of the smackdown (also Rabindranath’s essay).

You can also find the podcasts here after the show (listen to a bunch of them…it’s a GREAT show!).


I LOVED this “literary smackdown!” So fun! You guys were very civil–genteel, as Shelagh put it! I’m glad there was no shouting. 😉 And I enjoyed the essays you and Rabindranath wrote, too!

Like you, Joelle, I need silence to write. I think part of the reason for this is because I write historically-inspired fantasy. The ringing cell phones and chattering college students just yank me out of my book world. I’m very easily distracted from writing in general, actually! So I write at home. However, I’ve been having a really hard time writing lately, even after my kids are asleep for the night, because I think about the laundry I need to wash, the dishes I need to do, etc. Ideally, I just need a cabin like your Chateau Joelle! Or maybe I could rent an office in town, or something? I like the idea of GOING somewhere–really having to make an effort to get there, you know?–and knowing that I have to use this time in my office wisely. Maybe that says more about my level of self-discipline than my actual need for silence, as a writer. 🙂

I thought it was so special that you mentioned how you put Kelly’s name in the foundation of your cabin. That is so, so wonderful.

Loved it all, Joelle! Thanks for sharing!