1st Mar, 2013

Hunkering Down

I’ve done a fair amount of traveling in February. I know if I really want to become a Canadian, I should spell it “travelling” but that double L is the one Canadian spelling I can’t make myself do. The thing is, if I spell the word color with a “u”, everyone just thinks I’m cool knows that’s the Canadian spelling. But when I use the double L, all my American friends undoubtedly think I let someone else do my sixth grade spelling homework. Which, actually, I did (thanks, Darci!). But that’s irelevent because I do know how to spell now.

In my books, I use the American spelling, but for everything else, I’ve adopted the rules of my new country. However, I’m always flummoxed when it comes to spelling words like marvellous and jewellery because I really hate the idea that half of you think I don’t realize I’ve spelled something wrong.

Anyway, I digress.

Because of all the traveling travellingI’m feeling the need to hunker down in my cabin. Do some writing…definitely read some great books from my mile high TBR pile, maybe do some art. Drink a lot of tea. Wait out the spring rains. So if you don’t see me here much, that’s why.

Happy March, everyone! Summer’s just around the corner. Ahhhh….

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