28th Nov, 2012

Cincinnati Libraries, Restoring Harmony & Videos

When I was in Cincinnati last October for the Teen on the Same Page Festival which featured my first book, Restoring Harmony, we made some videos. I’m very excited to share them with you here. In addition to the web, Cincinnati and Hamilton County Public Libraries are making them available to teachers to share in the classroom to supplement the reading of Restoring Harmony. How cool is that? Very cool!

There are five in all, and I don’t expect anyone to watch them all except maybe my parents and my husband. The rest of you are off the hook. But if you read RH and liked it, you might want to watch some of them to learn more about the book and the process of writing it.



You are so cute! And you totally remind me of someone with your longer hair and I just can’t think who!

And you’re right this is VERY, VERY cool!