28th Mar, 2016

Changes & News

number 3I have three very exciting bits of news…but one you’ll have to wait for!

The first one some of you know about already, but here it is…I have a new YA coming out in October under a pen name. The reason I’m using a pen name is because I’m now writing for younger kids too, and so I want to keep my middle grade (and younger) writing separate from my writing for teens. Visit my alter-ego here, and read all about my new book!

The second bit of news is the changes that you’ll see here on this website. Because it’s going to be dedicated to middle grade books, I’ve decided to create content aimed at the parent/teacher/librarian reader. Kids should be reading books, but they don’t need to hang out on my blog. I haven’t decided exactly what this means as far as regular posts go, but time will tell.

Check back for that third bit of news…hopefully in the next few weeks!

Happy Spring everyone!

Bonus! Why not give you 4 things? Victor’s new CD Those Nashville Blues is now available for download (previously, you could only order physical copies through us). For the record, iTunes basically only pays him a pittance, so if you’re into supporting the artist, you should get the CD by emailing me.