Bob Saves the Day (again!)

0511-0901-1901-4732_News_Broadcasting_Microphone_clipart_imageEileen Cook’s wonderful husband, Bob, saves the day again. Not only does he keep my website running smoothly, just out of the goodness of his heart, but he provided me with this lovely audio file of my interview from the CBC. Hope you like it! And thanks, Bob!

My interview on The Next Chapter: CBC Next Chapter interview 20-Dec-2010

P.S. Some of you have left comments that my site flagged as spam and were accidentally deleted. Sorry about that. And a couple of you left comments like, “Love this!” and I didn’t know if they were real or not, so I didn’t approve them. Apologies if they are real comments. Sometimes it’s hard to tell.

This article was written by Joelle

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