Author Videos and Blogging

Hi. Those of you who came here yesterday may have noticed my embedded video was hacked. That’s why I took it down. Here is a link to the author video I did, along with some from other BC writers, if you’re interested.

Also, I want to add that we may be coming to the end of the blog! I only picked it up while I was stranded here in Finland as a way to show you what’s going on with me, but pretty soon I’ll be heading home and I highly doubt I’ll be able to think of anything to blog about while locked in a hotel room for 14 days.

In addition to that, if at all possible, I’m going to be moving my website to another server in hopes of making it more secure. If that happens, it may be down for a bit, or I might not want to mess with blogging during the transition. So…this isn’t necessarily the last post, but if I stop suddenly, this is why. I have no idea how it really works, either, so if I do move it, you may have to re-subscribe if you want updates (I am anticipating exciting book/writing news soon and if I get it, I will announce it here!).

Thanks for reading and I’ve enjoyed writing for you. I will continue to post From My Window pictures each day, no matter where I am…just because I think that’s kind of fun.

This article was written by Joelle