20th Aug, 2009

A New Feature & Guest Blogger, Lara Zielin

It may seem like I’ve been slacking off by not posting all week, but actually, I’ve been building suspense. You knew I’d have to have something really good if I waited this long to post, didn’t you? Well…I do have excellent plans! I would like to announce my new plans for Fridays here. As many of you know, I was recently chosen to be one of the Debs over at The Debutante Ball 2010. That means on Fridays, I will be over there blogging. I don’t want to leave you high and dry here though, so I am starting Friday Features.

Each Friday I will have either an author over here guest blogging, or an author interview. These won’t be just any writers though…these will be ones with new releases. And there will be FREE books. For you!

donut-days.jpgI am thrilled to announce my very first Friday Featured Author, Lara Zielin.

Lara is the author of the new YA novel, Donut Days. We also have the same fabulous editor (Hi, Stacey!) over at Putnam, and I first became aware of her through that connection. And then I read her most excellent book. Once I’d read it, I knew I had to share with you all. I’m going to hand this over to Lara now, but don’t forget to enter to win (contest is at the bottom of the post).

lara.jpgSo, without further ado, Here’s Lara! (click on this link to read her own brand of wit and wisdom!)

* We are giving away two copies of Donut Days by Lara Zielin. The first copy is an ARC (advanced reading copy) and because so many contests are only for US residents and they ignore their northerly neighbours, the ARC is for a resident of Canada! Lara is also giving away a signed copy of her book.

Here’s how to enter: Leave a comment on this post, or on Lara’s guest post any time between now and Thursday, 27 August 09 and you’ll get one entry (be sure to identify yourself as a Canadian resident if you’re interested in the ARC).

For a second entry, include in your comment, or in an email sent to me via my contact page, the answer to Lara’s question: “If you were a donut, what donut would you be and why?”

Lara’s answer: I think I would be a powdered-sugar donut (because they taste the best) but with pink sprinkles because, in life, you can never have too many pink sprinkles on things. Or, at least that’s my philosophy.

Joelle’s answer: I would probably be an old-fashioned…sweet, but not too sweet, and good for dunking in tea…hmmm…wait a minute…maybe I better rethink that…

Anyway, read Lara’s post and drop by her website but enter here first to win!




If I were a donut, I’d be an old-fashioned donut, because they’re prettier than the plain old glazed donuts (with that classic kind of look), and they have a richer sweetness than the plain glazed ones. Oh and they’re heavier too – so not shallow or full of air;)

If I were a donut, I would be a Vanilla Creme. Everything is better with a little something in the middle. I would have to add Pink sprinkles, simply because everything is better in pink!

My husband says I’d be a bear claw. Personally, I think I’m way too sweet for that. Having recently given birth to my second child, I’m more inclined to think of myself as a jellied doughnut. Very jellied.

If I were a donut I’d be a powdered strawberry filled krispy kreme – lovely on the outside and lovely on the inside!

If I were a donut I was be a glazed donut because I like to sparkle.

If I were a donut, I would definitely be a box of mixed donut holes. Sometimes I’m sweeter than others, sometime a little gooey, and sometimes I’m over-the-top sweet! You can’t be just one because there are so many from which to choose!

Hmmmmmmm I’d be the one covered in sprinkles – too many sprinkles that fall all over the place – because I always have too much on my plate – too much on my to-do list!